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If you've ever been frustrated with your lack of progress, overwhelmed by the amount of real estate investing information out there, or just downright confused by the whole thing, it's really not your fault.

It's tough to find the kind of quality real estate investing information you need and deserve. How do you know if the info is any good? Who can you trust? There are a whole bunch of phony real estate gurus out there, so trust is a serious problem.

Our Affordable Personal Coaching & Training Program is backed by – the #1 real estate investing information site since 1995 – highly respected and trustworthy.

I'm J.P Vaughan, the Publisher and Founder of CRE Online. I'm also an attorney, and I started investing in real estate full time in 1988.

And I'm here to offer you a truly extraordinary opportunity.

 But first, let's get to the #1 question:

How do YOU get started investing in real estate?

How to get started can be confusing and frustrating, to say the least.

But Jim Ingersoll and I have the answer for you. We've spent many hours thinking about this issue, and discussing all the aspects, the pros and the cons, asking ourselves, What is the best way for a real estate rookie to get started?

It needs to be very low risk, easy to accomplish, simple, and fast. Especially fast, because a lot of beginners need to make some fast cash now.

We KNOW how you need to get started and that is exactly where we start our training. It's the first module of our program, and everyone starts there, whether you're a total beginner or even if you've already done a few real estate deals.

That's because we want everyone we work with to acquire the correct knowledge and get rid of any wrong ideas they're been using.

So wholesaling (also known as “quick flipping”) is where we start. It's very low risk, you do not need any money or credit, and you can make a quick $5,000 to $10,000 to $20,000 or more in quick profit.

It's the safest and fastest way to make money, and you do not need any of your own cash or credit to do it. Perfect.

And it's the ideal vehicle for us to teach you all the real estate investing principles, tools, and techniques you'll need throughout your real estate investing career….

We cover ALL aspects of investing in single family houses and small units and offer you a COMPLETE real estate investing training, including:

Module 1 - Wholesaling: The fastest way to quick cash, no money down.

Module 2 – Private Money Financing: Say "goodbye" to banks forever!

Module 3 – Fix and Flip: Create great houses and a much bigger payday.

Module 4 – Seller Financing: How sellers can help you buy their property.

Keep reading to see more complete descriptions below.

Our Affordable Personal Coaching & Training Program is strictly limited to 300 students. So if you know that you want to get involved — you should sign up while we still have spots available.

7-Day "Test Drive" - Only $1
Get Instant Access to EVERYTHING
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Personal Real Estate Investing Coaching

Coaching Calls: We hold live group coaching calls by telephone on the Third Wednesday of each month. You get to ask all the questions you have, and Jim will stay on the line with you until everything is answered to your satisfaction.

And don't worry if you miss a call because we record every coaching call, so you can listen to everything at your convenience,  and we also make complete transcripts available for you to read and download.

Even if you don't have a question at the moment, these coaching calls are invaluable. They're super educational, and you'll learn a lot by listening to all the questions and answers.

Private Coaching Forums: In addition to the coaching calls, we have private discussion forums for our coaching students in the membership area. In between coaching calls, you can ask all your questions on our private coaching forum, and we'll answer ALL your questions as soon as possible — within 24 hours.

Your Coach: Jim Ingersoll

Jim is a major contributor to our Blog. He bought his first investment property in 1995 and continued to invest in himself by learning creative real estate methods, which allowed him to leave his corporate job in 2006. He replaced the income from his job by wholesaling houses in Richmond, VA.

In 2007, Jim wholesaled 120 houses in one year. The wholesaling continued in 2008 with another 100 deals completed.

Remarkable. Jim closed 220 wholesale deals in two years!

As the market began to change, Jim started focusing aggressively on joint venture real estate deals where he would buy and hold single-family homes as rental properties. This allowed him to quickly build passive income streams from the investments without using any of his own money in the deals. 

Jim enjoys teaching others how to find private lenders so that investors can buy houses and invest without needing money. He advocates leveraging real estate in joint ventures, which leads to free and clear houses that can be rented long term by quality tenants.

Here's what a few of his students have to say about Jim Ingersoll:

"Jim Ingersoll's coaching helped me structure creative financing with a self-directed IRA to fix up and flip a house, and it really first deal made me $105,000 and I can't wait to do this again!

 I highly recommend Jim to everyone.

  ~ Brian Benson

Just wanted to let you know we signed a sales contract for $206,000 this afternoon. That gave us a $37,728 joint venture profit. We owe a great deal to you.

Jim, your coaching provided me with the direction that we put into action, resulting in a tremendous success!  I am very fortunate to have made your acquaintance to which I say THANK YOU.

  ~ Chris Mattingly

“I have been working with Jim Ingersoll for 10 months. During this time, we have made a private loan to an experienced real estate "flipper,"  joint ventured to purchase two rental homes using IRA funds, bought another rental home which we are currently renovating and already have a tenant, and purchased and flipped a house....”  

  ~ Barbara and Kevin Thomas

 Working with Jim Ingersoll's coaching I have been able to triple my rental count in 3 years.” 

 ~ Mathew Starr

So that's my partner in this deal, Jim Ingersoll. SUPER successful,  COMPLETE real estate expert. Totally qualified to be your coach. In fact, he may be the BEST real estate investing coach out there today!

7-Day "Test Drive" - Only $1
Get Instant Access to EVERYTHING
Join Today!

Complete Real Estate Investing Training

In addition to the personal coaching, you also get complete real estate investing training. Again, everyone starts with wholesaling, which is where we teach the basic and foundational concepts everyone needs to know for both wholesaling and everything else that follows.

Here are the four (4) training modules you get:

Module 1 - Wholesaling: The fastest way to quick cash, no money down.

In the wholesaling module we lay the ground work for ALL kinds of real estate investing. Here's part of what you'll learn:

How to all the Find Motivated Sellers You'll Ever Need

How to Choose Your Market Area

How to Create a “Bandit Sign” Campaign to Find Sellers

How to Find and Market to “Code Violators”

How to Find and Market to “Burned-Out” Landlords

How to Build a Team of Reliable “Bird Dogs” Who Will Bring You Lots of Leads

How to Get Referrals From Social Media

How to Build Your Sellers List with ListSource

Direct Mail: Marketing with Post Cards

Your "Yellow Letter" Marketing Campaign (10% to 15% response rate!)

How to Use Expired Listings: A Surefire Way to Find Motivated Sellers

Marketing to the Moving Masses (get leads from moving and storage companies)

Knocking on Doors for Seller Leads

Your Personal Marketing Plan for Finding Motivated Sellers

How to Work with Sellers

How to Use Google Voice and Set Up Your Voice Mail Script

Your 5-Step Seller Phone Survey

How to Determine the Value of a House

How to Estimate Repairs in 15 Minutes

10 Steps to Buying Directly From the Seller

How to Calculate Your Maximum Offer

How to Control Houses Without Owning Them

How to Sell Your Deal to an Investor

How to Market Your Deal to Investors

How to Build Your Buyers List

How to Find All-Cash Buyers in Your Market

How to Collect Your Cash

All the Contracts and Forms You Need

Module 2 – Private Money Financing: Say "goodbye" to banks forever!

You'll discover how to unlock private capital and find private lenders to buy houses without banks. Build positive cash flow and wealth by buying and holding real estate assets. Here's part of what you'll learn:

How to Find All the Money You'll Ever Need

Why You Should Use Private Lenders

Short-Term and Long-Term Financing

Equity Financing and Debt Financing Without Banks

How to Use Retirement Accounts as Your Private Lender

How to Create Winning Joint Ventures

How to Unlock Private Capital Sources

All About Compound Interest and Return on Investment ("ROI")

5 Ways to Find Private Lenders for Your Deals

How to Build Your Own Personal “Credibility Kit”

How to Keep the Deal Safe for Everyone

Checks and Balances to Reduce Risk

Private Lending Documentation – All the Paperwork You Need

Module 3 - Fix and Flip: Create great houses and a much bigger payday.

How to Buy the Right House

How to Calculate Your Maximum Offer

Rehabbing Fundamentals

How to Build Your Contracting Team

Creating Your Rehab Plan

How to Stay on Budget

How to Close Out Your Rehab

Contractor Documentation

Creating Homes Buyers Love

10 Steps to Great Curb Appeal

Collecting Your Cash

Listing With a Realtor

Marketing to Sell Your Flip

How to Manage Offers, Contracts, Inspections, and Closings

Module 4 - Seller Financing: How sellers can help you buy their property.

All About Owner Carry-Back Financing

6 Ways to Structure Offers

How to Present Multiple Offers and Close

Subject To – How to Use OPM (Other People's Mortgages)

How to Find Subject To Deals

Seller Documentation Closing the Deal

How to Find Lease Option Deals

Lease Option Documentation

And much, much more…

3 Different Ways to Learn the Training Lessons

We know that different people learn in different ways, so each lesson comes in three forms: Video, Audio, and PDF Transcript. All are downloadable so you can watch, listen and/or read at your own convenience.

In fact, the Wholesaling for Quick Cash module alone has 30 videos, 30 transcripts, 30 MP3s plus all the contracts, forms, and documents you need.

This training is designed for beginning to intermediate real estate investors and focuses on single-family houses.

You'll learn everything you need to know to from wholesaling houses to building a portfolio of rental properties and everything in between – and how to do it all without using your own money or credit.

ALL of these modules and bonuses are available immediately.

7-Day "Test Drive" - Only $1
Get Instant Access to EVERYTHING
Join Today!

Your “Early Bird” Fast-Action Bonus

The "Private Lending Freedom" Bootcamp

Jim Ingersoll is an absolute genius when it comes to private (non-bank) financing. He recently held a 2-day live event, the Ultimate Freedom Without Banks Bootcamp.

We're making ALL the videos from this event available to you as a bonus for your quick action. As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to all the videos.

Here's part of what's covered:

  • Learn the NUMBER ONE SECRET to total investing freedom
  • How to find all the private money you need to buy as many houses as you want
  • How to invest in real estate without time, toilets OR tenants
  • How to build your retirement savings Lightning Fast – From zero to retirement…
  • Where to find the very best real estate deals in your market today
  • Learn the keys to the highest profit transactions
  • Discover the #1 most important concept that you can use to create opportunities not available to anyone else
  • How ANYone can build an investment portfolio no matter your age or experience
  • How to fund your health care using real estate investments
  • How to roll-over, set up, and effectively use self-directed IRA's to invest and earn great returns
  • How to easily become a private lender and use your IRA as a bank to create great returns
  • Investing models that leverage real estate assets and create double digit returns
  • How to safely and securely lend money on real estate assets
  • How to stretch your Roth IRA to create tax free distributions to the next generation and BEYOND
  • The keys to asset protection and staying off the public radar
  • And much, much more!

What Does it Cost?

Your 7-Day "Test Drive" is $1. After that, the complete cost for our Affordable Personal Coaching & Training Program is only $97 per month. That's it. No initial down payment, no hidden costs. Just $97 per month. Cancel at any time.

7-Day "Test Drive" - Only $1
Get Instant Access to EVERYTHING
Join Today!