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Real Estate Investing 3.0™
Forget Everything You Know About Investing in Real Estate
and Start Making REAL MONEY

If you've ever been frustrated with your lack of progress, overwhelmed by the amount of real estate investing information out there, or just downright confused by the whole thing, it's really not your fault.

It's tough to find the kind of quality real estate investing information you need and deserve. How do you know if the info is any good? Who can you trust? There are a whole bunch of phony real estate gurus out there, so trust is a serious problem. But let's get to the #1 question...   Read more>>>

Premium Training Content

EVERYTHING you need to know to profit in today's market without using your own cash or credit, including Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, and all about Private Money and Seller Financing.

Personal Coaching

We hold live group coaching calls by telephone on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. You get to ask all the questions you have, and we'll stay on the line with you until everything is answered to your satisfaction.

Coaching Forums

In between coaching calls, you can ask all your questions on our private coaching forum, and we'll answer ALL your questions as soon as possible — within 24 hours.

Featured Resources

"Private Lending Freedom"
This 13-Video Bootcamp teaches everything you need to know to buy as much real estate as you want with "private" money. Plus, learn the #1 secret to total investing freedom, how to find the very best deals in your market today, the keys to the highest profit transactions, how to build your retirement savings lightening fast, and so much more... Read more>>>

Wholesaling for Quick Cash
Everything you need to know to generate lump sums of cash now – and over and over again – and how to do it all without using your own money or credit. Just in this one teaching module alone you get  30 videos, 30 transcripts, 30 MP3s plus all the contracts, forms, and documents you need to make quick profits in today's real estate market.... Read more>>>


"Jim Ingersoll's coaching helped me structure creative financing...and it really first deal made me $105,000 and I can't wait to do this again!"
--Brian Benson

"Just wanted to let you know we signed a sales contract for $206,000 this afternoon. That gave us a $37,728 joint venture profit. We owe a great deal to you..."
--Chris Mattingly